Jamie Bailey

Director, Executive Producer 

Jamie is the President and Executive Producer at J D Bailey Productions Inc.

He created, produced and director the businesses talk show “The Next Biggest Winner”. The show aired nationally across Canadian Television in primetime three nights per week for two season (30 x 46 episodes) on Ichannel. 

He most recently was the Co-Producer and Director of Photography on a number of upcoming series including “Killing the Cure” and “ELE”. “ELE is a ground breaking 3 part hour thriller. The show was shot in one take without any digital stitching.

Jamie is currently finishing postproduction on his first documentary entitled “Firestarter” which will be released in 2018. He was the Director and Executive Producer of the film.

He has worked on his original TV show concepts in partnership with Tricon Films, Breakthrough Entertainment, Gala Films and Buck Productions. Jamie was awarded a developed deal for his original show for the US based Game Show Network.

In addition to Television Production, Jamie has also created numerous Television Commercials and Corporate Videos for many clients. He was previously the cofounder and president of Metaphoria Productions Inc; A Toronto based Commercial and television Production Company.

Earlier in his career, Jamie was the founder and president of Fresh Productions, which he started in Halifax Nova Scotia in 2003.  The company produced print radio and TV Commercials for clients such as Holiday Inn, Rogers and the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation.